Seasonal Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

It’s so satisfying to live in a clean house. Seasonal cleaning involves all thorough and deep cleaning. It can be tiring but the results are worth the trouble. The following are some of the top seasonal cleaning tips.

Start Cleaning One Room at a Time

It is important to do cleaning for specific rooms in your home. In the bedroom sort your shoes and socks. Get the shoes you no longer wear to donate, it’s time to get rid of some socks that miss their counterpart. In your dresser clear the clothes that you don’t need in that season, put them away, and use them in the next season.

Remember to deep wash your bedding and pillows. Declutter shelves and drawers it’s easier to accumulate products over time. While cleaning the bathrooms ensure that you use the right products to do a nice deep clean. Wash the shower curtains, mats, and rugs. Get rid of old towels and re-fold the clean ones. In the kitchen clean the freezer wiping does the interior shelves. Allow the fridge to get some air before putting everything back.

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Inspect the Exterior for Dirt

Take some time and go around your house carefully. If possible use a notebook and a pen to write down the damages. Sometimes bigger house problems start from unresolved exterior issues. For example, leaking drainage pipes that may cause serious stains in the house.

Check the windows for cracks, the foundation for damages, the roof for missing and cracked shingles. Inspect the gutters for piles of black grit it’s a sign of decomposing shingles. It’s time to replace your roof if you always experience leakages. Start with the repairs you can do yourself and have a list of repairs that will require hiring contractors.

Remember to Stay Safe

Most people forget to ensure safety in their homes as it is part of routine cleaning and maintenance. Ensure that your fire extinguisher is updated and ready to use in case of an emergency. Replace batteries of all smoke detectors. You should clean the dryer vent once a year to remove the larger debris accumulated there.

The smoke detectors systems with 10-year alarms don’t require you to change the batteries each year. Do this procedure during the day, it will only take a few minutes. Schedule a professional chimney inspection for damage caused during the winter season. Check your lawnmower and weed trimmers that have not been used for a while. Clean the power equipment and inspect the blades before using.

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Use Professional Cleaning Services

You don’t have to do too much cleaning by yourself. Professional cleaners are there to do a thorough cleaning in the best way to save time. They will help you get rid of dust, mildew, mold, bugs, and pet dander that are in areas hard to reach.

Professional cleaners have the right equipment and cleaning products for the job. If you want you can provide them with a checklist that shows them how to approach every room. In the end, you will have an organized home that improves the appearance and energy levels.