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Everything You Need to Know About Crime Scene Cleaning

crime scene

Most of us only see crime scenes on TV or the dailies. However, things can be messy for the unfortunate few when a crime occurs in their living rooms. Police officers and investigators will be quick to assess the area in an attempt t extract some evidence from the scene. Once they are done with their job, family members are always left starring at the scene since all these professionals have no business cleaning the scene.

Blood on the floor

Removing the evidence or cleaning the clearing the crime scene is always the responsibility of the family or their friends. Cleaning a crime scene where you have some emotional attachment is not always easy. Some cleaning companies might help you clean the mess. Cleaning a crime scene requires considerable experience and training to do the job right. This job is hazardous and is indeed not for the faint-hearted.

Crime scene cleanup vs. typical cleaning

Crime scene cleanup is more than just cleaning. A scene cleanup company like Scene Clean, Inc sanitizes the affected area with special detergents made for such jobs. What kind of jobs should be left to crime cleaning specialists? Here are some of these situations or jobs.

Cleaning tears gas

Law enforcement agencies are particularly known to use tear gas as a way of neutralizing aggressive parties. Cleaning teargas can be quite challenging. The entire room of building should be wiped clean and neutralized. Failure to do this, the room or building is deemed unsafe.

Suicide and accident cleanup

Cleaning blood and the biological matter left behind after an accident or suicide should be handled with extreme caution. Unlike a general cleaning company, a crime cleanup company posses booth the toolset and the skill set needed to remedy the situation. Failure to clean the area properly often affected persons significantly.

Unattended death

crime scene at blood and hand

Unattended death occurs when someone dies and is found after some time. An unattended death often presents one of the most challenging situations for most crime scene cleaners especially when it took long before the body was discovered. An unattended death can affect both the safety and well-being of the occupants especially when the scene is not restored properly.

Crime scene cleaning is governed by rules, regulations, and guidelines that should be followed to the letter. Moreover, crime scene cleaning personnel should be trained and should use the right equipment needed to restore the area thoroughly.…