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An Easy Guide to Decorate an Apartment

the ideal design of apartment unit

Living in an apartment may seem practical. After all, most people decide to live in an apartment unit because they want to avoid all the complexity of living in a land unit. Mowing the lawn, checking the roof, erecting a fence to keep neighbor’s dog for messing in our yard are all the examples of problems one may get from living in a house. But no matter how practical you claim you are, at some point the feeling to decorate the place we are living in will come.

But who says we cant have nice decoration at apartments? With this smart guide, you will learn how to beautify an apartment.

The First and Foremost

man in suit with business card Before we discuss the guide, you have to know that there are limits to apartment decoration. Do not put unreasonable expectations such as buying a large sofa for a studio unit, or wanting a bathtub unit in a bathroom suited only for a shower.

If right now you have not purchased a unit, it will be best if you take a piece of paper immediately and write a list of possible room modification/improvement. Do not hastily make a decision with a consequence that lasts for years.

Contact an experienced agency. Meet their representative in person and evaluate if they have a proper manner to handle your request. Learn a little about the market condition. For example, if you are looking for an apartment unit in Colombia, skim through articles with the topic of Colombian real estate market. Rentals have stricter rules on improvement, and an owned apartment may give you freedom more freedom for decoration but still under some conditions. Know the pros and cons of living in an apartment so that you will not get disappointed later.

Principles of Placing the Furniture

large sofa in tv room When you decorate an apartment, being space-efficient is the key attitude. First, start from the living room, the most accessible and visible place in the unit. Determine a focal point there before you decide to buy any pieces of furniture.

A focal point of a room is the largest or the most prominent object around which you arrange the others. It gives the room a spacious visual representation.

Second, opt for foldable pieces of furniture. For instance, a murphy bed unit can give you the advantage of having a king/queen size mattress without taking too much space. Some designs even allow the bed frame to be repurposed as bookshelves or wardrobe. A sofabed is also a brilliant solution for the living room because not only can it be the place for you to watch TV or read books but it also allows you to have a sleepover guest.

Retouching the Kitchen

Pans hanging in kitchen The most unpopular thing about living in an apartment is its small kitchen. But that feature can be a strength if you know how.

Have you noticed how professional kitchens arrange their storage, shelves, and stoves? Mimic their style and utensil types. Observe the photos on the Internet and get inspired. But here are some skimmed information that can help you to grasp the idea faster:

  1. Use open storage, such as light metal shelving
  2. Prefers baskets for storing frequently-used utensils
  3. Incorporate island-style layout (If possible)


In brief, decorating an apartment requires you to give a deep thought on the space efficiency. Avoid having unnecessarily large objects. But if it is inevitable, choose the ones with a multipurpose design. As for the kitchen, take inspiration from professional decoration. You should maximize the practicality and function of each utensil and storage.…

Tips to Acquire the Best Quality Living Room Furniture

dark grey sofa seat

Homes are important places that keep us sheltered, warm and safe. In order for homes to appear more decorated, they must have modern colorful seats and proper household items. Furniture materials may include chairs, tables, beds or even sofas. They should be well-designed to be considered a form of decorative art. Usually, most furniture and living room seats are made from various materials such as wood, metals or even plastics. Most seats are designed using a variety of woodworking joints which muses our local cultures. During the beginning of human civilization, people used to make seats from natural resources such as moss, rocks and tree stumps.

Today there are various industries invented for the design of the best furniture. For comfortable living room sofas, getting lazy with lazy boys sleeper sofas are a wonderful optionGrey sofa seat that you won’t regret. There are several tons of things that you need to consider before acquiring the furniture of your choice. Working with many retailers can easily get you easily confused. Unfortunately, most of the retailers and manufacturers aren’t honest and reliable about their products. As a result, most of the consumers tend to pay more for the quality of products they don’t get. There are various things you need to understand before acquiring the best furniture for your living room.

Quality of leather

Always be keen when buying a leather piece. Seek a bit of knowledge on how to know standard and quality leather seats. Quality leather seats are usually not died on the base or underneath. Top grain is considered to have the best high-quality sofas but more expensive. The advantage of this top-grain materials is that they don’t wear out quickly and should always be moisturized to keep them fit from the sun.

Manufacturer’s warranty

black leather seatCustomers should check to see if the furniture come along with retailers or manufacturer’s warranty. The importance of the warranty is mostly to create trust between the consumer and the manufacturer. Cushions and spring systems are usually prone to damage and should be covered on these warranties.

The tailoring

The fabric of the sofa used is equally important to be keen on more also by feeling the texture. Printed sofas and patterns should match on both sides and also on the front. This patterns should start from one segment and continue to the next. Always ensure seams occur in the center of the sofa’s back.…