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General information about aluminium guttering

Roof gutters

Choosing guttering styles and materials can be a daunting process. However, with some basic knowledge and pointers on what to look out for, choosing your new guttering can be cost-effective while providing you with the perfect guttering to compliment your home.

Different types

Aluminium guttersPrior knowledge of the various types of guttering is necessary because the wrong style, size, or material of gutter can turn a beautiful house into an ugly building. The wrong size of the gutter can also the cause more problems than you hope to resolve. For these reasons, choosing the right guttering is vital. Once you know a little about these guttering options, you will be able to make the most informed decision about gutters for your home.

Best choice

If your primary concern is that of price while looking for new gutters, then aluminum is your best option. This material is light and cheap, and can easily be shaped to match your guttering design. However, it may be worth investing slightly more in steel for your new gutters for the sake of durability. While aluminum is cheap, it may prove to be a more expensive longer term cost if you need to replace your guttering due to a lack of strength.


Some custom guttering companies will offer gutters made of copper or zinc. These materials are usually used when a house needs a more upscale look, or for antique-styled houses. Copper and zinc are more expensive than the other kinds of gutters.

Gutter styles

There are several different gutter styles to choose from. Most gutters are designed on a purely functional basis, but there are also designs that are created for looks as well. Some basic guttering designs include k style, fascia, half round, seamless, and sectional. Some guttering designs do not look good on certain styles of homes.


Ask the company installing your gutters which style would look best on your home. If you are installing the gutters yourself, look at other houses that look like yours to see what style of guttering they use.


The size of a gutter is one of the most important factors. You need to make sure that the gutters are large enough to handle the amount of rainfall that you commonly get in your area. The most common sizes for gutters are five and six inches across. However, for areas with torrential rains a seven-inch gutter may be called for.


The color of the gutter should typically blend in with the colors and style of the house. Many gutters can be painted with a particular kind of weather and chip resistant paint to match any roof or wall color. In general, most people match the color of the gutters to the color of the ceiling or trim of the house.

Metal type

For gutters made of copper, zinc or steel it is important to take measures to prevent them from rusting. Galvanized metal is the popular choice here. However, lead can also be used to protect your new gutters.


The aluminum gutter is available in plenty of colors and styles. It is a channel along the attic or on the roof that helps to collect and carry rainwater to the down pipe. The finest quality aluminum guttering can look seamless. You can find aluminum gutters in continuous lengths up to 35 meters.


GuttersIt can even be installed to brick and stone by using specially designed rise and fall brackets. As such, it is ideal for both contemporary and traditional types of properties. The gutters produce aluminum oxide coating naturally, which protects it from …